The LinkPETS program coordinates volunteers to support people in the City of Monash who are unable to fully care for their companion pet. It is well known that a person’s pet can be their best friend but being older, frail or having a physical disability may restrict some pet owners in their ability to give the best care to their pet. Everyday pet care tasks may be a struggle and just add to concerns about activities of daily living.

Services include:

  • Dog walking
  • Basic bathing and grooming at home
  • Clean up of litter trays, bird cages, hutches and bedding

Everyone benefits from being involved with LinkPETS. Pet owners are relieved they can continue living in their own home knowing their faithful friend is receiving adequate care. Volunteers who love animals and want to be active can negotiate a rewarding individual volunteer commitment.

For more information call the LinkPETS Coordinator on 1300 552 509.

National Relay ServiceIf you are deaf or have a hearing or speech impairment contact us