Healthier people participating in their communities.


To provide integrated health and community services in the east and south-east of Melbourne and eastern Victoria.


We care for our community and for the people who use our service.

  • Each year we develop a Quality Account Report and every three years we participate in Accreditation processes.
  • We do this in partnership with our clients and community members to hear your needs and ensure that we provide the best possible care for you.

We listen to people who need our services and we advocate for our community.

  • The development of our current strategic plan was a partnership with key stakeholders, local community members, clients, staff and volunteers.
  • We are always listening to our community and service users to create better services together.
  • Working with you leads to a healthy community.

We are accessible, providing innovative and high quality services and programs.

  • We strive to provide quality services and each year we undertake comprehensive surveys of our clients. Clients continue to report that they were highly satisfied with our service and would definitely recommend us to others.
  • We provide services to people of all ages, backgrounds and circumstances. Our sites and programs are inclusive and welcoming to everyone.

We partner with other organisations to ensure the development and delivery of better services.

  • Each year we partner with community agencies to develop and deliver services. We strive for new and innovative ways to support community members and organisations.
  • We partner with more than 150 agencies to provide a diverse range of programs including outreach dental services, community events and onsite vaccinations.
  • See our partners

We are a sustainable organisation, financially, socially and environmentally.

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