Occupational Therapy Group

Independence Matters

Come and join our educational occupational therapy group focusing on tips and tricks to living a safer and more independent life in your home and the community. You will gain practical experience in using aids and equipment with an occupational therapist socially with other people in the community of similar capabilities to yourself.

Each week the content will focus on a different topic:

  • Week 1: Equipment and skills you can use to increase your safety in the bathroom and with self-care tasks.
  • Week 2: Teaching you about how to reduce your risk of falls in the kitchen while preparing a meal for lunch.
  • Week 3: Try out an electric scooter, learn about driving and accessing the community.
  • Week 4: Teach you how to use an iPad or a smart phone for everyday tasks and provide education about mental health and memory changes as we age.

See us at

Mackie Road Neighbourhood House
36-42 Mackie Rd, Mulgrave


$10.50 per session


To book call 1300 552 509

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