April Falls Day

April Falls Day is a campaign designed to raise awareness about the importance of balance and stability. Most falls are caused by slipping or tripping, not by dizziness or disorientation. Muscles become weaker, reflexes become slower, the sensation is reduced, joints become stiffer, and balance worsens. Environmental factors can contribute: clutter, stairs, pets, rugs, poor lighting, uneven ground, poor footwear.

April Falls Day Facts:

  • Falls in older people are usually not accidents
  • Falls are more common over Winter
  • The most common injury sustained is a hip fracture
  • If a fall has been sustained in the past 6 months, the likelihood of another fall is increased
  • Natural changes that happen as our bodies age are a big contributing factor to falls

Prevention Tips

  • Stay healthy and active
  • Regular strength and balance exercises; both tai chi and a simple sit to stand exercise have been proven to be beneficial in improving both strength and balance
  • Ensure footwear is appropriate
  • Improve safety around the house; reduce tripping hazards, install rails, improve lighting
  • Review medications regularly
  • Regular eye tests

Our allied health team are here to help reduce the risks of falls.

The best way to get up from a fall if you have not sustained an injury:

Make sure you have a plan of how to get help in an emergency!

Personal alarms are a great option if you live by yourself.

For more information, please click here.


Watch below for 22 Tai Chi moves that can help improve your balance and prevent falls.

If you would like to read about Tai Chi and a study on the prevention of falling, please click here.

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