Occupational therapy

occupational therapy

The Occupational Therapist sees children 0-12 years and can assist children in the following areas:

  • Balance and coordination skills like hopping, jumping, swinging
  • Fine motor skills like pencil grip, cutting, tying shoe laces
  • Sensory activities like working with and responding to touch, sound, sight and movement sense
  • Visual perception, understanding and processing what the child sees, for example drawing, matching, writing and copying from the whiteboard
  • Social skills and enhancing self-esteem
  • Self-help skills
  • School readiness

Occupational therapy involves individual and group work in a fun and stimulating environment.

See our occupational therapists at

Link Health and Community – Oakleigh

8-10 Johnson Street, Oakleigh

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Individual appointments for children and young people
Pension/ Health Care Card holder $21
Low fee $21
Medium fee $31.90
Initial consult $162
Review consult $96
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