A Step in the Right Direction

Link HC Occupational Therapy helped Matthew gain back his independence.

Something as simple as putting your socks on or drying your toes may not seem like a difficult task, however for Matthew it was.

Due to a car accident many years ago, and the development of osteoarthritis, Matthew found that reaching his feet was near impossible due to limited range of movement and pain in his back.

Being a proud, independent man meant that Matthew preferred not to ask his wife to help him with these tasks.

During his assessment with the My Aged Care Regional Assessment Service (RAS), a referral for Occupational Therapy (OT) was identified, and an
OT home visit assessment was booked with one of Link HC’s Occupational Therapists, Caroline Reljich.

An OT home visit involves a holistic assessment of the client including medical history, social situation, home environment, physical function and a detailed discussion surrounding their ability to perform personal, domestic and community activities of daily living (ADL).

Matthew’s goals were to be as independent as possible with his personal care tasks – namely washing and drying his toes and putting his socks on.

As a result of the holistic, client-centred OT assessment, other goals were also identified – including improving his ability to stand from a seated position both from a lounge chair and the toilet, to feel safer in the shower and increasing his comfort in bed at night time.

Prescription of assistive technology, or aids has meant that Matthew is now able to manage many of his activities of daily living without relying on his wife.

A long handled toe washer and sock donner now allow him to wash, dry and dress his feet. An electric recliner chair, raised toilet seat and grab rail have made his standing transfers safer and pain-free, and a memory foam mattress has led to a better night’s sleep. A very satisfying outcome for all!

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