‘No Jab, No Play’ protects kids

No jab, No Play

Want to know more about the No Jab, No Play laws?

Our general practitioners are here for kids’ health and can provide the required immunisations under the amended No Jab, No Play laws.

There is overwhelming scientific evidence proving that immunisations are safe and effective, and have saved millions of lives. However, there are still around 25% of people who decline to vaccinate their children.

The Victorian Government has toughened its stance to support immunisations since December 2017. Parents now have to provide official immunisation records for their child as a condition of enrolment in schools and childcare centres.

Parents who refuse to immunise their child will need to submit a letter from the Australian Immunisation Register as proof of their child’s medical exemption.

Our general practitioners located at Brighton, Oakleigh and The Glen Shopping Centre can check if your child’s immunisation is up to date.

They can provide advice and administer the necessary immunisations to keep your child protected.

Call 9564 6199 for Oakleigh GP, 9596 3501 for Brighton or 8822 8399 for our GPs at The Glen Shopping Centre. Alternatively, you can book online.

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