Volunteer brings joy to an isolated resident

Holly’s bilingual skills has brought joy and communication back into the life of a socially and culturally isolated resident, as part of the Community Visitors Scheme.

Holly (pictured left) has alwcommunity visitors schemeays been passionate about volunteering and helping others. The resident that Holly regularly visits has dementia, which is gradually getting worse. She used to be able to understand English, but has now lost the ability and has reverted to her native Russian tongue. This resident was feeling isolated and lonely – she was no longer able to communicate with her friends.

Holly was matched to this resident as they had similar interests and her ability to speak Russian. When the resident first heard Holly speak to her in Russian, her whole face lit up! Not only could Holly understand and converse in her native tongue, but she was also going to regularly visit her, and they have now become friends.

“I look forward to my weekly catch ups and seeing the joy on her face when we speak in Russian.” Says Holly. “I love hearing hear stories and talking about what’s going on in our lives. Being part of this special program has enriched my life too.”

Holly was thrilled that the CVS program could provide her with the opportunity to volunteer and use her language skills. Holly is studying Social Work at Monash University and wants to continue working with older people once she’s completed her degree.

Make a difference to someone who may be lonely or socially isolated, by volunteering as a community visitor. For as little as one hour per fortnight, you too can brighten up someone’s day. If you would like to volunteer or for more information, please call 1300 552 509 or visit www.linkhc.org.au.

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