Who are “Three Sides of the Coin?”

three sides of the coinWho are “Three Sides of the Coin?”

So you may be wondering who are three sides of the coin?
We are not professional actors.
We are men and women, from all kinds of backgrounds and cultures, who have been harmed by gambling, either our own or someone else’s.
We were introduced to gambling at various ages, for some it was a childhood norm, others in their teens or in middle age.
We perform for groups large and small, wherever we are invited. The power behind our story-telling is that the stories are real.
We lived these things.

We want to change the conversation around gambling, to reveal the shame and stigma behind a gambling addiction and how hard it is to recognise and own it in yourself. We also want to say, ‘it is possible to be free. Look at us.’
Brene Brown says, “When we own the story, we can write a brave new ending.”

Through the workshops and performances we learn to inhabit our stories differently, we are writing our new endings.
We are survivors, community educators, storytellers and friends.

This candid article has been written by a participant, Anna Bardsley. Please call Judy Avisar on 1300 552 509 or email javisar@linkhc.org.au for more information  about this group.

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